Now I know what she can do and I 
marvel at her. There is no it now.
I marvel. It is not it. She is.

She used to pull along behind me 
but now I hold her up. I soften
to her softness. I harden to protect her.

Once she was the vessel, collecting and pooling 
whatever I threw into her.

Now she holds nothing.

The world touches her sides as it passes through; 
The world is made brighter by the passage through.

KC Trommer is the author of the debut collection We Call Them Beautiful, which is forthcoming from Diode Editions in 2019, and is the curator of the audio project QUEENSBOUND. A graduate of the MFA program at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, KC has been the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize and her poem “Fear Not, Mary” won the 2015 Fugue Poetry Prize, judged by Kevin Prufer. Her poems have appeared the anthologies Resist Much, Obey Little; All We Can Hold; Bared; and Who Will Speak for America? Her essays have appeared in VIDA Review,  LitHub, and in the anthology Oh, Baby! True Stories About Conception, Adoption, Surrogacy, Pregnancy, Labor, and Love (Creative Nonfiction, 2015). She is the Assistant Director of Communications at NYU Gallatin and lives in Jackson Heights, Queens with her son.