The dishwasher beats itself up inside.
That means it’s doing its job, right?

Hurricanes compacted to fit the length
and width of two and a half by three feet
boxes play hide and seek between lunch
cupboards and counter top stone.

Dinner was late – I couldn’t remember
how to properly de-feather the bird.
I snapped its jaw and grew sad.

Somewhere the bird gets caught in the storm.
What’s left – the feathers wash up
on the inside of the door – stone grey

I am not sad.
You entered the wound – you
ripped yourself from your own home.
You are your only predator.


Suzanna Derewicz is a poet and playwright based in Toronto, Canada. She has had the pleasure of being featured at a number of reading series across Ontario and in the UK. She has recently been published in, In/Words Magazine, (parenthetical), untethered, and The Quilliad. Her debut chapbook Maggie Monologues will be released in Fall 2016 by words(on)pages press. She is currently a Publicity Agent with The Puritan.