The garden has a cold cucumber and a wilting tomato
that no longer grows before the now twilight—6 pm  
when the sun commanded the arrival of an autumnal wind
I wanted us to take a barefoot walk, salient to the senses,

in the neighbourhood park, feel a touch of vanishing warmth
on our cheeky smiles—a sweet nearby, before the chill

starts a chat. There's no sense in evading it, there’s a bottle
of Amarone red at my hip and tea tree oil for our bare feet.

Minty cool earth conversation  frisk skins  a cotton sack
that's black with words a line drawing of a woman

round and nude—let's deal with it. We're going cold wild.
Dig it, dude. The day is not long gone. Sizzle the cold earth

this true north strong and free, that's what I long to find—
some crisp inhuman chill where the lungs go shrill and the first

peoples laugh because we haven't got a clue how to make both
blood and breath a toast to soul.

Sonia Di Placido is an MFA student with the UBC Creative Writing Program. Poems have been published in print and online publications such as the White Wall Review, Ryerson University (2015), Puritan Magazine (2014) and recently a poem from a writer’s residency in China Juniper Poetry Journal (2017). I have a full-length book of poetry with Guernica Editions titled Exaltation in Cadmium Red (2012). A forthcoming book of poetry will be published with Guernica Editions in 2018.