if not for the space
between atoms.
you would worry less
about nothing. the difference
between the animal stepping into the light and you
is only a matter
of differing times of arrival. but you
pulled open the door too soon
and the future broke into her heart and you
lit a candle. her beast body remains
on the roadside. you drove on
because the space around her form
allowed you. if not for the space
between atoms
you would have died your one death
without knowing
to name it. nothing sleeps beside you
but it’s not
for nothing you unfold
as though with enough use
these limbs might harden.
you question the need for error
like you question the hours kept
and the space between them.
if not for the space between atoms, you might
hear yourself honestly, but distortion
is a dove and an olive branch
and a theory of light we formed
to fill a brief need