The uncertainty of colour
experiential glint in the eye
toxic content of bias.
Conversely throughout childhood
the grey jeans which
I’m still convinced are blue.
Her hair was blue when she died
but someone labeled each strand
separately / aesthetics put
to lip service / as natural blond.

Klara du Plessis is a poet residing in Montreal; she returns to Cape Town, where she grew up, for two months every year as a personal writing retreat. Her chapbook Wax Lyrical was released from Anstruther Press (2015), and she also has a full-length book of poetry forthcoming from Palimpsest Press. Otherwise, she curates the monthly, Montreal-based Resonance Reading Series, featuring local and North America writers, and routinely writes reviews and essays about contemporary poetry for Broken Pencil Magazine, The Montreal Review of Books and The Rusty Toque